that moment when you hear someone getting home and have to brace yourself for the disappearance of your good mood

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"Der Verrufene Weiher" by Maximilian Liebenwein

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General Leblois’ Chinese Saber

  • Dated: circa 1915
  • Measurements: overall lenght 34 1/2”. Blade lenght 23 1/2”

With a delicately arched grip and an ornate scabbard adorned with mixed metal damascened inlays of silver, copper and brass, this saber sword was the possession of French General Paul Adoplhe Leblois (1857-1930), a decorated hero of World War I. The inlays that adorn the sword are unquestionably rare, with few examples of such artistry attainable today. 


  1. Noted throughout his career for his bravery and military prowess, Leblois was grand Defense Commander in Saigon in 1910, leading the Fifth Colonial Infantry Brigade in 1912 and becoming the General of the Colonial Division in 1914.
  2. That same year, Leblois led the Second Colonial Division to a triumphant performance in battle. In 1917, Leblois was elected President of the Colonial Committee, and by February of 1918 he was named the Head of the French Troops in Indochina.
  3. For his illustrious military career, Leblois was awarded the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor in 1926.  

Source: Copyright © 2014 M.S. Rau Antiques

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Doodle cause I can’t focus on anything today….


Emile Joachim Constant Puyo, “Apparition” 1890.


Sauron in Angband design.

Very inspired by Phobs’ Sauron.

And so begins the “oops wrong blog” 

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Dawn, Day, and Twilight, William Bouguereau

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mythology - undines or water nymphs

The origin of the Undines (or Ondines) can best be traced all the way back to ancient Greece wherein mythology cites a clan of nymphs called Oceanides claimed the waters of the world as their home. The water nymphs or water spirits, belong to the Water Elemental, are are usually found in forest pools and waterfalls. They are said to have beautiful voices, which can be sometime heard singing over the sound of water that entices those that hear it. These beings are believed to be the daughters of Titan and his wife Tethys. Their presence in the oceans was legendary among seafarers. Mostly beneficent, Oceanides would aid water-travelers in navigation and provide safe sea-ways.In European lore, Undines are fabled to be the wandering spirits of love-lorn women.  According to some legends, Undines can receive a soul when they marry a human man and bear his child. This aspect of them has them to be a popular subject motif for romantic and tragic literature. Often with sailors being drawn to them by their tears of sorrow that composed the salty seas when wept having lost at love. Tales indicate that these female water spirits are enchantingly beautiful and reputed to be relatively benign, however, like most female spirits they’ve got a temper when crossed and can be force to be reckoned with.


i particularly recall you, Mr. Darcy, one night after they’d been dining at Netherfield, saying, she ‘a beauty’! I should sooner call her a mother a wit!


Charles Ernest Butler, King Arthur, 1903.